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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

A - The MySQL database of ht://Check

A.1 - What tables have to be created? What about the fields? and their format?

No worries, mate! ht://Check does everything for you. It creates the database structure itself, so you needn't create it before. You just need to grant the spider enough permissions in order to do that.

B - Configuring the 'spider' (htcheck)

B,1 - How do I change the URLs to check without going through the PHP interface?
No. There's no way to configure the spider through PHP for now. You just have to edit the configuration file (usually 'htcheck.conf').

B.2 - If I run htcheck at the commandline, I don't see a way to change the URLs to check. I'm guessing that the Server table in the htcheck database is what I want to modify, right?

No .. you don't need to modify the MySQL database at all. Indeed it's for getting the results only. Every database is directly created by the application (from scratch). You must edit the parameters in the htcheck.conf file. You have to set one or more starting URL with the 'start_url' attribute. Then you can limit the search to a set of URLs by setting the 'limit_urls_to', 'limit_normalized' and 'exclude_urls' options. These are the most used and important, though you can use the 'bad_extension', 'max_hop_count', 'bad_query_string'. But in most of cases you only have to set the 'limit_urls_to' parameter.

For instance:
start_url: limit_urls_to: $(start_url)

The 'limit_normalized' parameter checks for every URL after it's been normalized (in this format: service://[user:password]host:port/path ).

C - The PHP Interface

C.1 - Despite configuring the username, password, and host in, I keep getting the following when accessing http://localhost/php/index.php: Access denied for user: '@localhost' to database 'htcheck'. Why?

The problem is that the user you are connecting to the MySQL server through the PHP scripts (the one set in the file) has not enough permissions. Give a look at the following sections of the manual: setting user's privileges, and installing PHP scripts.

D. Configuration and compilation

D.1 - I'm compiling with gcc 3.2 and getting all sorts of warnings/errors about ostream and such

You should use the following command to configure ht://Check so it can be built with gcc 3.2:
CXXFLAGS=-Wno-deprecated CPPFLAGS=-Wno-deprecated ./configure

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