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ht://Check on a perfect site!

First and foremost, I want to thank all of my office members at the City Council of Prato, Italy. With their patience and suggestions they made me possible to work on this project. And now we are intensively using ht://Check on our website, with very good results in terms of speed, accuracy and control. Here they are: Claudia Giorgetti, David Lippi, Martina Ceccolini, Massimo Mango, Sara Lenzi, Francesca Becucci. Thanks also to Fabrizio Butini, our *guru*.

Then, I cannot forget all the guys that belong to the so called ht://Dig Group, as long as the core of ht://Check derives from this wonderful search engine. With their constant help and suggestions, they led me through this wonderful experience. So ... many thanks in particolar to Geoff Hutchison, Loic Dachary and Gilles Detillieux. Also thanks to Robert LaFerla for the work on cookies support.

How can I forget Marco Nenciarini? Yep, thanks a lot Marco for your kind support of ht://Check and for your efforts for the Linux community with the PLUG, Prato Linux User Group. Hey guys, Marco is working on building the Debian package of ht://Check !!! ;-)

Special thanks go also to Valentino Bianco, for the very nice logo of GabrieLinux and ht://Check.

Also I want to say 'Grazie' to all of the users that warned me about some bugs and contributed somehow: Edward Moon, Chad Picha, Scott Donovan, Charlie Reitsma, Izak Burger, Michael Stenitzer and all the members of the mailing list.

Many many many thanks to all of you.


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